The  body image workshop was open for everyone, who was interested in thinking about their bodie, its social-cultural and political context. How do we see and feel ourselves? How do we control our bodies? What is exactly my body? Do I want a normative (“normal”) body? What does the privacy of body mean? The aim of the workshop is to reflect on these phenomena we experience every day, with visual, theatrical elements focusing on materiality and sound (such as sound art, animation -object and puppet based art forms). One of our goals was to strengthen our relationship with our bodies through thinking about them using different art forms.

Everyone was welcome at the workshops, regardless of gender, age, ability, art experience, or study field. Our basic rule was to respect each other and to create and keep a safe space. An intensive rehearsal period started in December (followed by this online exhibition) based on the experiences of the workshops. 


Thanks a lot to the participants of the workshops, their boldness and commitment inspired our online exhibition.