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welcome to our world of bodies in different doses, forms and senses. Please feel free to wander around. In the virtual gallery you can see all of the different topics/chapters on the main page, when you open them, you can peak into different multimedia-words, we encourage you to create your own dramaturgy.

My  Eye Candy My Somatic Fiction and My Body Archive


“To me the body is a cultural and a political archive. It is an archive that contains images, narratives and practices in it.” Paul B. Preciado.


How do we see, feel and control our bodies? What does the privacy of my body mean? We have different narratives about bodies, ideal images of bodies, beautiful ones, healthy ones, gendered ones. Our perception of the world is based on our bodies, our joy, our pain. The aim of the project is to reflect on these phenomena, we experience every day, with animated theatrical and improvisational elements focusing on materiality and sound. We invite the visitors for a virtual exhibition, for a journey to reflect on and investigate body perception and narratives around bodies. The exhibition is the continuation of the workshop series Archive B. researching bodies and different ways of performing. The virtual exhibition will be released on the 20th of December 2020. The works will also be present in Vapaan Taiteen Tila in January 2021.

About the process 

During our intensive working process one of our priorities were thinking about bodies - especially the bodies we know the best, our bodies - using materials beyond verbal expressions. Materials such as different textures, objects, clothes - being inspired by animated theatrical elements and different sonic materials. We were relying on different improvisational practices, giving tasks to each other inspired by each other’s body history, readings, discussions we had. One of the basis of our process was sharing experiences, power and exploring the idea of leadership with all of it’s ups and downs. This special way of reconstructing our bodies forms part of regaining the ownership over our bodies.

We consider ourselves as artists working with live art. Corona gave us the challenge and the possibility to work with videos, pictures, sound scapes, montages and other virtual material. Following the main idea of regaining ownership, we have decided to create all of the material ourselves. We recorded, took photos, edited the materials and created the webpage. 


Nóra Varga

Minttu-Maaria Makkonen

Maimu Jõgeda

In collaboration with Ines Masanti


TEAK's staff

Coline Genet

All the participants of the workshop Archive B

Petri Kärkkäinen



Theatre Academy

Uniarts Helsinki



My Eye Candy My Somatic Body

Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki


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