collaboration with ines masanti

One of the goal of My Eye Candy was to offer the possibilities of taking part in the performance to the participants of the workshop series Archive B. Ines took the possibility. We started a dialogue what took the artform of multimedia. 




I have no limits

no borders

I´ll grow

and form



to unlimited dimensions




Minulla ei ole rajoja

ei reunoja

Minä kasvan




rajoittamattomiin ulottuvuuksiin

Body Issues

 Ines Masanti

And some days

I change with the light

as it visits my body

dwells on my skin

The change is in

the soft hues

in the deep dark blues

And as the light goes

and returns the next day

we greet as if

we've never met before

Ines Masanti

I change with the light

Ines Masanti