'my eyes are here'



Virtuality gives me courage.


Or. The illusion of it, but finally I can feel myself, see myself, face myself without shame, because I have a slight chance to lie, edit, cut, join the game, maybe it is not even me. If I share the shame, it is not my shame anymore, it is your shame, society’s shame, my privileges’ shame and my disadvantages´one. I can show me, my body, because it might be that it is not even mine, it can be yours. I am one of the few persons who knows that it is mine. Knowledge is power. I can be really brave, shameless and playful without my face, with the face on my breasts.


Let me introduce you Clarissa and Melissa.

I was supposed to publish pictures of my boobs here - or rather, pictures of the face painted on my boob.

It was my own idea and I thought it was awesome. I felt that I had a desire and right to use this part of the body as well when I am doing art.


My breasts have always been dear to me, and I have not had a reasonably complex relationship with them.


Often, however, it’s fucked up how much attention my breasts have got. So I’ve felt that other people have more complex relationship towards my boobs than I have.


So I wanted to turn attention to my boobs  completely 100% in my own way and from my own free will.


However, shortly before publishing this page, I began to feel anxiety by the idea of ​​publishing these pictures.

I felt, I would place them as an object, which is, just the opposite of my original purpose. I felt need to hide that part of my body to take care of myself and ownership of my body.


So I added some random symbols on top of my nipples. Haha.


Maybe I'm ridiculous, the world is ridiculous or both of us. 


Why does a body part that can be found in everyone require such censorship? Why do I need to put something on my nipple to feel safe?